Mountain Safety

We’re passionate about the outdoors and our mountain communities, and we're committed to protecting these special places and everyone who comes to experience them.
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Uphill Travel Policy



Okemo Uphill Travel Announcement - As of 12PM 11/24


Uphill Travel will re-open Friday November 24th at 4:30PM and begin normal uphill hours of operation.  Travel will be permitted from 4:30PM until one half hour before operations begin at the resort (8:30AM Weekdays and 7:30AM Weekends and Holidays) Uphill Travel during operating hours is closed.


Approved Route

Fairway to Lower Mountain Road to Lower Arrow to Upper Arrow to Route 103 to Upper Sapphire is the only approved route at this time.


Please call (802) 228-1491 for the daily uphill recording for approved access and routes before making your ascent.



These guidelines pertain to Hiking, Snowshoeing and skinning. Use of resort terrain during non-operational hours is done so at your own risk. To help minimize the risks to you and to our staff, we provide the following guidelines:

Outside of operating hours, grooming, snowmaking, snowmobiles, and other operations may occur at any time or at almost any place on the mountain.

• When traveling uphill, travel up on the left side of the trail (skier’s right). When skiing your downhill route, please ski the middle of the trail

• Wear bright and reflective clothing and use a bright light at night.

• Avoid trails that have been recently groomed or have grooming in progress.

• Avoid trails with active snowmaking and never ski or ride over snowmaking hoses, as it puts our system and you at risk

• Entering closed terrain is prohibited; it is the user’s responsibility to know what is open or closed. Terrain parks are closed outside of normal operating hours.

• Pets are not authorized to travel with uphill users of the mountain

• Never ski or ride alone. Be prepared for changes in weather. Snow conditions at night can be much different than daytime conditions

• Ski patrol is not available after resort operating hours. Any emergency response will be significantly delayed and will be handled by outside agencies. In the event of an emergency call 911.

Use courtesy & common sense

Ski & Snowboard Safety

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that challenge the human spirit and require you to remain alert and use your common sense. Ski and snowboard in control, with caution and consideration for others. Be aware of changing conditions. Natural and man-made obstacles exist within the ski area, and are inherent risks in skiing and snowboarding.

Snowmobiles and other snow grooming equipment may be present on the mountain at any time. Respect closed trails and area boundary signs. These areas are closed for your protection. Be advised that while marking devices, warning devices and equipment covers are used to inform you of potential hazards, they do not guarantee your safety and will not protect you from injury. SLOW SKIING areas have been designed for beginner and congested areas. Slow down and go with the flow in these areas. We reserve the right to revoke your ticket for reckless or out-of-control skiing and snowboarding, or failure to observe rules and regulations.

In addition to Your Responsibility Code, the following tips can help reduce your risk and make for a more enjoyable experience:

  • Ski and ride only in areas compatible with your ability
  • Do not take friends down slopes that are beyond their abilities
  • After falling on the slopes or lift ramp, move away quickly to avoid becoming an obstacle to others
  • When resting on a trail, move to one side to avoid blocking others
  • Look ahead and to either side of you and be prepared to stop at any time
  • Ski or ride with a buddy, especially in places where you could need help, such as in trees or deep powder
  • Ski and ride defensively. Expect the unexpected