Busy schedules and days filled with practices, lessons, games and social engagements can send families in many different directions, leaving little time to embrace or create family traditions. The memories we make together are important - They help us relive the fun times we have shared. Although the four of us see each other at work, like you, we have to find time for what is important and what we love – our time together as a family. And what fun we have with three young Muellers, our spouses and six dogs! The dogs don’t ski or board, but the rest of us do, so we take to the slopes to enjoy things like participating in or watching ski races, following a three year old making first turns and ending the day with dinner at Coleman Brook Tavern. Winter on the mountain brings us together and allows us to live, love, laugh, and reconnect with one another. With Ethan and Erica playing more significant roles in the family business, we get to see a lot of each other. As much as we enjoy working together, it is our employees who energize us as they continue to make “The Okemo Difference” better for our guests and each of our fellow team members. It is the people we work with who deserve the credit. Every job at Okemo is equally important in making our guests’ experience memorable. It is their work ethic, fun-loving attitude and support of each other that makes Okemo a great place to work and play. Okemo continues to receive recognition for the work we all do – including being awarded as one of the “Best Places to Work in Vermont” for our fourth consecutive year. Although we’ve made improvements to our summer operations such as new mountain bike trails from the summit and the Switchback BBQ where you can get a burger and beer at the end of your ride, it’s all about the snow when winter rolls around. Last year Okemo continued its tradition of providing the best snow surfaces in the East. For this coming season: • Our arsenal of energy-efficient HKD snowmaking tower guns has grown to 1,300 mountain-wide. • Improvements have been made to the snowmaking system with the installation of new pipe between the base and mid-mountain pump stations. • Two new grooming machines will turn all that snow into the surface conditions you expect from Okemo. Giving our team the tools they need to make their magic out on the hill is our top priority. Speaking of tools, we’ve added new skis and snowboards to our rental fleet, giving our guests the latest and greatest in equipment technology. We hope you will take some time this season to visit Okemo, to mark some more milestones and embrace your Okemo traditions. This might be your year to start a new tradition, enhance family unity and create memories that will last a lifetime. fromthemuellers welcome okemo.com > 802-228-1600 > page 7