A short drive from Okemo, historic Tater Hill offers a course as challenging as it is beautiful, with birch-lined fairways, flower gardens, rustic stone walls, and panoramic mountain views. For tee time reservations or membership info call the Tater Hill Pro-Shop at 802-875-2517 or visit okemo.com/taterhill Where Casual Golf is Serious Fun. M O U N T A I N R E S O R T Once those goals are achieved, it’s time to enjoy those newfound skills. Then set new goals. “A successful lesson doesn’t always have to have an end point,” said Ford. “If a guest comes into a lesson with a specific goal in mind and that goal isn’t met, it may still have been a rewarding lesson. Adults can glean information from the instructor on where to go with the progression in the future, either on their own or with an instructor. Children may have simply had a fun day riding all over the mountain. “A good all-day kids’ lesson, especially in the upper levels, may be heavy on riding and light on teaching, but there’s always some tip, trick, or suggestion thrown into the mix,” he said. “If a child is interested, she may pursue more learning. If she’s there to have fun, well, that’s good too.” That’s the bottom line. Relishing the experience on the slopes should be the best part of getting better. “One of my favorite memories is when my father, son, daughter, and I spent a morning together skiing at Okemo 10 years ago,” said Owen. “The combined years skiing at Okemo for the four of us was in excess of 150 years. “My father and a group of his friends skied in a group lesson every Sunday for 25 years,” he said. “My kids grew up race training at Okemo for 15 years. It’s truly a lifetime sport that keeps on giving, and I continue to see how the inter-generational nature of skiing brings friends and families together.”  A longtime skier and snowboarder, Brion O’Connor is a freelance writer based on Boston’s North Shore, where he keeps two Subaru wagons ready for family escapes to snow country. Putting the “progress” in progression - continued from page 59 - Retail shop focusing on small production, handcrafted wines, artisan cheeses and specialty food products since 1996. 802-228-4128 • www.wineandcheesedepot.com Not just small plates! Innovative menu featuring farm fresh ingredients. Wine, beer and cocktails incorporating Vermont spirits. 802-228-5200 • www.stemwindervt.com W I N E B A R • S M A L L P L AT E S • A L L P L AT E S 46 Depot Street Ludlow, VT okemo.com > 802-228-1600 > page 61