Most skiers and snowboarders know the sensation of pushing their limits. Think about your first time standing at the top of a bunny slope? Or perhaps a NASTAR racecourse, a bumped-up mogul field, a glade thick with evergreens, or a crazy steep pitch? Remember that exhilarating combination of fear and possibility? Our hearts race, and our nerves tingle. No matter how far up the “progression ladder” we’ve climbed, there will always be terrain to challenge us. That’s precisely why we love skiing and snowboarding, and why lessons, at any age and at any ability level, are a good idea. “We can always benefit from professional feedback,” said instructor Tom Owen, who has worked at Okemo for three decades. “When I go out west to visit my kids in Sun Valley or Jackson Hole, I’ll take a lesson to sharpen my skills for skiing powder and steeps. I still attend PSIA clinics at least once a year. It’s not only fun, but there is always something to improve on.   “If you feel like you’ve mastered a certain level and are ready to move on to the next, or are interested in a new type of terrain, or simply want to brush up your skills, it’s a great time to take a lesson,” he said.  BY BRION O’CONNOR - continued on page 57 - Control pressure from ski to ski with a balanced stance directing pressure to the outside ski. in progression > 802-228-1600 > page 55