Weekend Warriors Carole Greenberg learned to ski while attending the University of Vermont, and first skied with close friends at Okemo in the 1960s. She continued to ski at Okemo after marrying and moving to Connecticut, staying with friends nearby or at the Winchester Inn. “We purchased a Mill condominium in Ludlow, then a home on the mountain at Sno-Trak when my kids were teenagers.” Greenberg noted that daughter Danna’s family — husband Mike and three children — “absolutely love skiing. Okemo’s a very special place and we’ve all got good friends there, too.” She noted having made “tremendous connections on many levels...and many wonderful memories, from seeing a bear on a drive up to the fire tower to sitting outdoors in the hot tub after dinner and watching the fireworks or torchlight parade.” “My greatest pleasure was watching my kids grow up skiing at Okemo and seeing Danna’s family grow up there and skiing with the grandkids. I don’t think I’d see them as often — they’re in Massachusetts — if not for our place at Okemo. I hope it will stay in the family for many generations,” she added. Having skied at Okemo from age three or four, Danna said, “It’s our home ... and where we are our best as a family. It’s where my children learned independence, friendship, responsibility, and failure. Our two sons have been in the race program since their elementary school years, and we still spend every weekend at Okemo from Thanksgiving to early April. The oldest did the Devo program and became an instructor for four years. Their grandmother still skis with them — they give her lessons, telling her to get the skis farther apart.” “Our family history is intertwined with Okemo history...Okemo’s part of our family routine...a way of life, an incredible joy,” Danna added. Going on Four Generations Natalie and Gary Grosner grew up skiing and were one of the first, in 1992, to buy a condo at Ledgewood. The family made the long trek from Buffalo “as much as we could,” Natalie said, noting their two boys and daughter all learned to ski in Okemo’s children’s programs. “The kids loved skiing and being first on the mountain; Katy says one of her favorite things is going to the Summit Lodge for soup and hot chocolate,” Grosner related. One of Natalie’s favorite memories is of making “the six-and-a-half hour drive and singing along with Christmas carols on the radio and then opening presents Christmas morning at Okemo. There’s nothing better than Christmas in Vermont,” she stated. This year the Grosners sold their three-bedroom unit and moved to a four-bedroom, which accommodated an August family vacation with daughter Katy from Buffalo, Andrew from Manhattan, and Mike from New Jersey. “Mike has a 14-month-old son; when he learns to ski, he will become a fourth-generation skier at Okemo as Gary went there with his parents. Both daughters-in-law are picking up skiing ... one of my greatest joys is to pass on the love of skiing, the outdoors, and exercise,” Natalie said, adding, “It’s true, Okemo is a place all come home to.”  Karen Lorentz is a lifelong skier who lives on a Shrewsbury, Vermont, mountaintop with her husband John. In addition to being a ski historian, Karen has written extensively about skiing, the ski industry, and she is the author of Okemo, All Come Home, an in-depth history of the resort. Photos: (left to right) Carole Greenberg’s grandchildren Jonah, Micaela and Seth Tobin. Carole Greenberg (right) with daughter Danna and her family, 2017 Michael Grosner’s son, Luke. okemo.com > 802-228-1600 > page 49