A Multi-generation Happy Place Cindy Galuska’s mom and dad, who grew up in Vermont but never skied, started a family tradition at Okemo when they bought a Kettle Brook condo in 1985. Living in Massachusetts, they wanted a “home away from home and it was especially important to have a place in Vermont,” Cindy related. “Our family got to know and love the mountain and town,” she added, recalling that husband David taught her and their three sons to ski, and that her siblings also learned to ski. After her parents sold in 2000, the Galuskas occasionally stayed at Cindy’s sister’s condo before purchasing a Kettle Brook unit in 2010. With an expanding family, they bought a house in 2014 on Sachem, where a fourth generation of four granddaughters are now visiting and learning to ski. “Okemo became more than just about skiing. It was, and still is, valuable family time where we enjoy a host of activities in winter and summer. Building snowmen and forts with the children, sledding, swimming at Buttermilk Falls, having a good time at Hops in the Hills, bundling up and watching the Okemo fireworks, golfing at Okemo Valley, laughing around the coffee table just playing cards and board games, and putting on a mini summer ‘Okemo Olympics’ for eight cousins, were all part of fun times.” Asked if there was one outstanding memory, Cindy checked in with family and said the consensus was “No! As a family, we create new and wonderful memories  every time we are together up there. “We absolutely love Okemo and go frequently, summer and winter,” Galuska added, summarizing their attachment as a mix of “a way of life, adventures, memories and relaxation” and their Okemo home as “a family gathering place — our happy place.” From Two to Eighteen The Myers’ tradition of family time at Okemo began in 1970. “My brother and I began skiing in New Jersey, then I taught my girlfriend, now wife Jody, to ski. We moved to Europe and skied. We came back to the states with a child, added three more, and skied all over New England and New York, renting for holiday weeks and weekends. “Once we came to Okemo, we wanted to continue and rented an A-frame near Sachem with another couple. Okemo had the best snow, best grooming...best for families — a safe place for the kids,” John Myers said. Seeing a trailside sign for new condos at Solitude, the Myers bought a three-bedroom unit, staying there “for 12-14 years till the oldest daughter who was getting married said ‘I don’t think this is going to be big enough.’” Seeing another trailside sign, Myers said they “bought a five-bedroom townhouse at Winterplace. It had everything we wanted — slopeside location, ski on/off convenience, spectacular views. Jody worked with the builder, adding special touches. It’s a wonderful retreat.” “It’s been 30 years since we rented the A-frame. We’ve seen the mountain grow — Solitude, South Face, Jackson Gore. We love the restaurants, Weston Theater, golf — we’re members of Okemo Valley Club. Jody and I come up on Thursdays, ski Fridays, and the kids come up Fridays. It’s family central for us,” he said of visits by three daughters, son, spouses, and grandkids — 18 in all. “Skiing with our own children in a group and seeing them skiing with their children like we did with them,” is one of Jody’s fondest memories,” John related, adding, “skiing’s one of the few sports families can do together.” AllComeHome TO Okemo - continued from page 47 - Photos: (left to right) Matthew and Clara Galuska. John Myers and grandchildren. page 48 > winter 2018/19 > okemo magazine