AllComeHome TO Okemo Early in the history of Ludlow, the mountain known as Okemo was officially named and known as Ludlow Mountain. No one knows how that name got chosen, but local lore has it that Native Americans might have called it Okemo when they passed through the area during the French and Indian Wars. According to legend, the Algonquin word translates as “all come home.” These many years later, Okemo is a mountain resort where the welcome mat is stretched wide and guests are made to feel at home. In many cases, that sentiment has extended across multiple generations. “I’m seeing two, three and four generations of families enjoying Okemo together. Tim and Diane [Mueller] provided the family piece that makes it possible for all family members to have fun. Daycare, ski school, race and Amplitude programs plus après-ski and summer activities make it a great place to connect and call home,” noted Kathy Burns, owner/broker of William Raveis Real Estate Vermont Properties. Having sold vacation properties since 1988, Burns added, “It’s great fun to meet people coming from all around New England, New York and beyond.” She’s also enthusiastic about the intergenerational connections afforded by home ownership. “Okemo builds family ties because skiing and snowboarding are sports everyone can do together regardless of ability or age. Plus families can enjoy quality time with indoor activities — playing a game or making a puzzle. It’s family time together without the interruptions of daily life and also helps get the kids off devices,” she noted. Parents agree, adding that seeing another generation skiing with their children brings further joy to their “home away from home.” By Karen D. Lorentz - continued on page 48 - > 802-228-1600 > page 47