N u m b e r o f w i r e s i n e a c h o f t h e s i x s t r a n d s t h a t c o m p r i s e s t a n d a r d c h a i r l i f t h a u l - r o p e c a b l e 1 7 t o 2 6 4 O K E M O L I F T S B Y T H E N U M B E R S Once known for its large selection of Poma surface lifts, including the longest surface lift in North America, Okemo is a leader in its use of lift technology. From carpet-style lifts that make it easy for beginners to access learning terrain, to flying sofas with retractable translucent domes that protect skiers and riders from the elements, Okemo is regarded as having the best lifts in the East. Number of consecutive years the readers of SKI Magazine have ranked Okemo number one in the East for lifts 1670 51,384 6,379 Length, measured in feet, of the vertical rise of Okemo’s Sunburst Six Length, measured in feet, of the Sunburst Six, Okemo’s longest lift Length, measured in feet, of all Okemo lifts, including surface lifts LIFT CAPACITY IN RIDERS PER HOUR 35,500 Number of bubble chairs at Okemo (the most at any resort in North America) 2 20 NUMBER OF LIFTS AT OKEMO Speed of a fixed-grip lift in feet per minute 450 Speed of a detachable lift in feet per minute 1,100 okemo.com > 802-228-1600 > page 41