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Bounder Park 0 Features

Bounder Park is Okemo’s Start Park that features enhanced new terrain and is the place where those who want an introduction to terrain features can get their fix. You’ll find this park at the Jackson Gore Base Area. #1 Flat Rail #2 Corrugated #3 Roller #4 Roller #5 Jump

The Zone 7 Features

A skate-park influenced terrain park with a wide range of transitions, rails, boxes and jibs. The park is a great warm-up for the Superpipe.

Broken Arrow 0 Features

Located in the trees to the right side of Upper Arrow, this gladed terrain park contains log and other natural and man-made features, as well as a new snake run course. Created for expert skiers and riders, Broken Arrow is open when snow conditions permit.

Okemo Superpipe presented by Schweppes 1 Features

Located in The Zone, the pipe measures at 520 feet long, with 18-foot walls. Maintained by our Zaugg Pipe Monster and serviced by The Pull surface lift, where else will you find a pipe cut with laser technology? No joke. Our parks crew put their Yankee ingenuity to work to design a system that provides laser-precision when cutting the pipe.

OMS Crazy Train Park 11 Features

The OMS Crazy Train Progression Park is the ultimate park for advanced skiers and riders. Featuring an advanced slopestyle influenced competition course and training grounds, Crazy Train was designed to house medium and large features for those with experience. Crazy Train has been created in partnership with Okemo Mountain School.

Rockstar Park 26 Features

The Rockstar Park includes unique, highly creative small and medium features and an improved terrain experience that allows you to flow from one feature to the next. Get there from the Green Ridge Triple.

Hot Dog Hill 0 Features

An incredibly animated park that includes a mix of small to large features and everything in between, Hot Dog Hill has something for just about everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, or wanting to show off your skills, you’ll find our signature progression terrain here. And, with quick access from A or B Quad, you can easily make lap after lap.

Robbins' Nest 0 Features

A family-friendly park that is home to a new cross course, Robbins' Nest is the ultimate place to session ultra fun features and practice your skills. Lap it from the A Quad lift.