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Season-Long Ski & Snowboard Programs



Ski School Level Red (RED) This is my first time on the mountain. I have never skied or snowboarded before.
Ski School Level Orange (ORG) I have skied or snowboarded before and am able to slide in a straight line, but am not able to turn deliberately.
Ski School Level Yellow (YEL) I am turning and stopping, but need still need practice. I need to work on my confidence, control and learn to ride the beginner chairlift.
Ski School Level Green (GRN) I am riding the chairlift and am comfortable on green terrain. I can turn and stop with confidence.
SKI: Turning in a wedge, working towards parallel turns.
SNOWBOARD: Linking skidded turns with traverses, working towards shaped turns
Ski School Level Blue (BLU) I can ski or snowboard on blue terrain, using a variety of turn sizes. I am able to control my speed and stop when I need to.
SKI: Parallel turns on all green, most blue terrain, starting to use poles, exploring easy glades.
SNOWBOARD: Linking turns of varying size and shape on all green and blue terrain.
Ski School Level Black (BLK) I am already skiing or snowboarding confidently on black terrain and am looking to explore bumps, steeps and glades.

Come ski and snowboard with us all season-long! We offer seasonal programs for little ones starting at just age 4 all the way up to age 19. Whether in it just for fun or the thrill of competition, you should find something that fits your needs at Okemo.

Penguin Playground Day Care (ages 6 months - 4 yrs)

Snow Stars (ages 4-6)
Ski School Level Red Ski School Level Orange Ski School Level Yellow Ski School Level Green Ski School Level Blue Ski School Level Black

15-Day Pass

  • $1,860.00, if purchased on or before Oct 9th (20% off daily rate)
  • $1,976.25, if purchased on or after Oct 10th (15% off daily rate)

25-Day Pass

  • $2,713.00, if purchased on or before Oct 9th (30% off daily rate)
  • $3,100.00, if purchased on or after Oct 10th (20% discount off daily rate)

15-Day Bundle

  • $1,740.00, if purchased on or before Oct 9th (20% off daily rate)
  • $1,849.00, if purchased on or after Oct 10th (15% off daily rate)

25-Day Bundle

  • $2,719.00, if purchased on or before Oct 9th (25% off daily rate)
  • $2,900.00, if purchased on or after Oct 10th (20% off rate)

Amplitude Plus (ages 7-14)

Ski School Level Blue  Ski School Level Black
15-Day Bundle
  • Sold out for the 2017/18 season

25-Day Bundle

  • Sold out for the 2017/18 season

Competitive Programs (ages 6-19)

If the thrill of competition is what you seek, explore our season long competition and racing programs. These programs are open to ages 8 through 19 and include multiple skiing, snowboarding and freestyle divisions. Learn more about Okemo's competition programs.