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Okemo Season Passes 2018 - 2019 FAQ

What is the Ultimate Pass?
As the name implies this pass offers it all.  Skiing at Okemo, Mount Sunapee and Crested Butter. Winter, summer, discounts, early lift access and additional opportunities.  (Please visit the season pass page for a complete listing of benefits.)

What is the Classic Pass?
For the guest who wants to keep it simple, this pass is for unlimited skiing at Okemo and Mount Sunapee with no restrictions. That’s it. 

What is the Midweek Pass?
With only eleven midweek holiday blackout days during the 2018-19 season, this pass is for the skier or rider who wants to take advantage of off-peak midweek time for a tremendous value. 

Which pass makes sense to buy if I want discount tickets for friends and family?
The Ultimate Pass includes the ability to purchase four buddy tickets for friends and family at $79 each.

I only see pricing through April 30th? What happens then?
The best rates of the season are available when your purchase is made on or before April 30th. There will not be a lower price. 

What about skiing at Mount Sunapee?
The Ultimate, Classic and Midweek passes all offer complimentary skiing and Riding at Mount Sunapee. 

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?
Okemo Season Passes are non-refundable and non- transferable unless the Pass Protection Program (PPP) has been purchasedThe PPP costs 6% of the pass price and must be purchased with the pass, within 30 days or prior to the start of the season. Any pass purchased once the resort has opened must buy the PPP at the time of purchase.

How does the Pass Protection Program Work?
Unforeseen circumstances or life changes can’t always be anticipated but the PPP offers protection for  your investment against the unexpected. Please visit for complete details.

Why should I reload my Season pass rather than buy a new one?
Your Real.EasyCard provides direct lift access but only if your pass is associated with your WTP number.  If you purchase a pass without reloading your number the gates will not open with your existing Real.Easy Card.

The name of my pass has changed.  What do I do?

While the gates will still open if you reload, this is a good opportunity to get an updated card along with a current picture.  We are finding that some people, especially children, have not had a new picture in several years.  When you pass through the gates your photo is displayed to the gate monitors.  To prevent being stopped to verify your identity getting a new photo every year or two makes good sense.  There will be no charge to get a new pass, just bring the old one back so we can recycle.