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Load Money on Your Pass or Card

Did you know that you can ADD MONEY to your season pass or Real.Easy Card?!

Your season pass or Real.Easy Card may be the only card you’ll need to carry on the Mountain! Simply ask to have your pass activated as an OKEMO CARD, and we’ll load up your pass with whatever amount you wish to purchase.

Some cool features for this hot option:

  • Valid at all Okemo venues on the mountain
  • Families can set up one debit account and link all passes
  • Daily spending limits can be set (parents take note!)
  • Add money at any time, including the new ability to add money from home!

For purchase or more information, please call 802-228-1600. Cash amounts on season passes are available for use after picking up valid pass in the Fall.

Steps to activate your pass or card:

1) Visit Resort Services at either the Clock Tower or Jackson Gore Base areas.
Ask for your card or pass to be activated for loading money onto the card. This step is required before you may load money via our website.

2) Load any dollar amount at either Resort Services or from home.
To load from home, please visit our money load page and enter the pass number from the front of your card (not the WTP number on the back).