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Responsibility Code & Safety Tips

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  • Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  • Always use devices to help prevent run away equipment.
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride, and unload safely.

Know The Code.
It's Your Responsibility

This is a partial list. Be safety conscious.
Officially endorsed by the NATIONAL SKI AREAS ASSOCIATION

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Okemo recommends helmets as a consideration for skiing and boarding participants and parents. We encourage parents and others to educate themselves about the benefits and limitations of helmets. Okemo supports individual and parental rights to choose to wear a helmet or not. And Okemo promotes responsible skiing and snowboarding behavior as the key to long term slope safety. Follow Your Responsibility Code. Helmets can be rented from our Okemo Rental Shops or purchased at our Snow Sports Center locations throughout the mountain. For more information on helmets, visit the NSAA web site

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Strategically positioned in seven locations around the mountain, Ski Patrol and First Aid services are never far away. If you are in need of assistance, you can proceed to the nearest Patrol House, or stop by any lift and the attendant will be happy to contact the patrol.

Call via cellular phone at (802) 228-1496 daily from 8 am to 4 pm.

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Skiing and snowboarding are sports that challenge the human spirit and require you to remain alert and use your common sense. Ski and snowboard in control, with caution and consideration for others. Be aware of changing conditions. Natural and man-made obstacles exist within the ski area, and are inherent risks in skiing and snowboarding.

Snowmobiles and other snow grooming equipment may be present on the mountain at any time. Respect closed trails and area boundary signs. These areas are closed for your protection. Be advised that while marking devices, warning devices and equipment covers are used to inform you of potential hazards, they do not guarantee your safety and will not protect you from injury. SLOW SKIING areas have been designed for beginner and congested areas. Slow down and go with the flow in these areas. We reserve the right to revoke your ticket for reckless or out-of-control skiing and snowboarding, or failure to observe rules and regulations.

In addition to Your Responsibility Code, the following tips can help reduce your risk and make for a more enjoyable experience:

  • Ski and ride only in areas compatible with your ability.
  • Do not take friends down slopes that are beyond their abilities.
  • After falling on the slopes or lift ramp, move away quickly to avoid becoming an obstacle to others.
  • When resting on a trail, move to one side to avoid blocking others.
  • Look ahead and to either side of you and be prepared to stop at any time.
  • Ski or ride with a buddy, especially in places where you could need help, such as in trees or deep powder.
  • Ski and ride defensively. Expect the unexpected.

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  • Make sure your child has your name and phone number of your hotel/condo written down on a piece of paper in a zipped pocket.
  • Show your child what a ski patroller looks like and tell them to find one of them if they get lost.
  • It is a good idea to decide which lift you will ski next so if you get separated you can meet there first.
  • For a backup plan, choose a place to meet in case you are separated from each other, for example, at the mid-mountain Sugar House Lodge.

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Take it easy. Know The Code... Be Safe!