Loading 3 & Easy days on your Real.Easy Card

Just four easy steps! (Ready? Get started now!)


Visit the Okemo eStore and enter the WTP number, located on the back of your Real.Easy Card. Be sure to include all letters and hyphens.

Be sure you enter the WTP number, not the pass number.


Select the "1 Day 3 & Easy" product and add it to your shopping cart.


On that product's line in the shopping cart, enter the barcode number, located on the print-at-home voucher you received when you purchased your 3 & Easy pack. Be sure to leave off the %A at the beginning of the number. The number should begin with a single "A."

Click the at the left to validate the number you entered. the changes to a for a valid number.

If you have additional Real.Easy Cards to load with 3 & Easy days, click the button to add an additional WTP number.


Complete the transaction, and you are ready to hit the slopes!

NOTE: We recommend that you only load 3 & Easy days that you know you will use. Days may not be removed or transferred from Real.Easy Cards after loading.

Load your 3 & Easy days now!