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The Real.Easy Card!

Real.Easy Card LogoOkemo's RFID-enabled Real.Easy Card replaces traditional lift tickets and serves as your lift access at Okemo. Resting safely inside a pocket, Okemo’s RFID cards will be read upon approaching a lift equipped with an RFID reader, and the gate will open automatically, provided your card is loaded with a valid lift access product.

Why did we make this change? There are a number of good reasons, including:

  • The convenience of online purchases, with direct-to-lift access.

  • No more fumbling at the lift to display your traditional lift ticket or season pass.

  • The ability to pre-load and re-load future lift-access products (i.e. one- or multi-day access, special promotional products, season passes, etc.).

  • Compared to traditional lift tickets, Real.Easy Cards reduce paper waste.

How do you get your own unique-to-you Real.Easy Card? There are several ways, including:

  • Purchase a lift access product at (not a "re-load product"), and your Real.Easy Card is included in the price and will be presented to you upon redemption of your print-at-home ticket voucher at any ticket window. 

    PLUS – purchases made online will save you money, compared to the rate at the ticket window!

  • Purchase a Okemo season pass.

  • Purchase lift access at an on-resort ticket window.

  • Purchase your Real.Easy Card without lift access for $5 online.

You can re-load the card online at Made of durable plastic, it can last for years and you can use your personalized Real.Easy Card over and over again to purchase lift access.

All Okemo lift access products will be RFID-enabled cards, though only Real.Easy Cards are personalized and reloadable.

Want to learn more about RFID? Check out our FAQs.

Check out the current Lift Access/Ticket rates.