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Mountain Tips

Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Do On A Busy Day...

Here’s some helpful hints from someone who’s a frequent visitor to Okemo for nearly 15 years. Okemo does have some busy days (like today), but the trail layout and the lift system are designed to handle it. Pay attention and a busy day can be just as fun and rewarding as any other.

1. DON'T plan to arrive at the mountain between 9 and 10 AM on a Saturday, Sunday or during a holiday week. Try to come early, even if one person from the family or group becomes the organizer to buy lift tickets, and escort the family through the rental shop.

2. DON'T start your day without a plan. You’ll make the most of your day on Okemo if everyone has some idea of what’s happening when, who’s skiing with whom, where everyone’s meeting for lunch, etc.

3. DON'T ski like you own the mountain. You may be very familiar with the terrain and the flow of Okemo, but others may be visiting for the first time. Think about your first visit here, or to another mountain… it can be a little unnerving until you figure out a ski resort’s unique code. Help out the first time visitor. Share a little insider knowledge with them and above all, be patient!

4. DON'T wait until morning to get your rental gear. The Okemo Express Rental Shop is open with very convenient hours. You can rent skis/snowboards for the next day beginning at 3:00 PM. The Shop is also open until 10:00 PM on Friday nights through February. Most ski/snowboard rental shops in Ludlow and throughout the Okemo Valley have nighttime hours too.

5. DON'T ski the main lifts all the time. Okemo’s lift system is designed to balance skier/rider flow with fixed-grip lifts in between hi-speed lifts. For example, on a holiday it might be more efficient for you to ride the F-10 Carpet to the Sachem Quad to the Glades Peak Quad to access Okemo’s summit. While these lifts might run more slowly, you’ll be accessing trails with less-traffic.

6. DON'T zone out. Pay attention and anticipate when trail traffic is busy. Don’t assume the skier or snowboarder near you knows you’re there. Ski or ride conservatively, almost defensively as if you are invisible.

7. DON'T forget to use a Trail Map. This helpful guide can be a tremendous resource in planning alternate routes, scheduling family meeting places, or deciding where to have lunch. And Okemo sure has enough great places to eat!

8. DON'T forget to visit before your visit and keep regular tabs on the snow report and Steals & Deals so you maximize your enjoyment and the value of your stay.

9. DON'T venture into Okemo’s parks or the Rockstar Superpipe unless you are experienced enough to be in there. (If you are not, you should take a parks & pipes lesson.) Don’t stop in the landing area of park features. You will not be visible from above to the skiers or riders on course and you could be responsible for a collision. Head’s up!

10. DON'T assume anything… don’t assume others on the same trail can avoid you. In fact ski or ride as if you are the only one on that trail who’s in control. Take this approach, ski/ride defensively, use your head, and ski smart!