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The Vermont Epic Cycling Weekend

Saturday, June 9 - Sunday, June 10

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Time: All day event
Location: Base Area, Jackson Gore Village

The Vermont Epic consists of three races:

June 9, 2018 will be the 18th annual edition of the B2VT ride (formerly known as the B2B). In 2014 the course was altered to accommodate the new start and finish points but still contained most of the original B2B course (but was even more hilly!). The B2VT Ride will continue to be one of the most challenging single day rides in New England. By design, it is not for everyone.  This ride is for cyclists who are physically and mentally tough, don’t whine, excel in the face of challenges, know the rules of the road and can ride 130+ miles to the finish safely and without their hands being held. While it is an epic ride, it is not for novice riders nor the faint of heart….

The VTMonster is a 70 mile, 9,000 vertical body pounding ride on dirt and gravel roads that will loosen your fillings and crush your legs and probably leave you wasted on the side of the road like a mamby pamby. Don’t even try this ride unless you are harder than a coffin nail.

There are some asphalt roads sprinkled in so that your fillings can reset themselves. We suggest using your tongue to push them back in.

The VT 40: This short course recreational ride is a fantastic option for friends and family members who would like to take part in B2VT event festivities.  The ride will start and finish conveniently at the Jackson Gore Inn – the same finish line for the B2VT ride. There is a 20 mile and 40 mile option so that any rider, regardless of experience can participate in B2VT weekend.

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