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Okemo Eats' Specials & Deals

Bring the coupon below to your next visit to Coleman Brook Tavern , Willie Dunn's Grille or Switchback BBQ and save 20% off your bill! To print your coupon , click on the image below:

Okmeo Eats coupon

Coleman Brook Tavern Logo

Coleman Brook Tavern

Nothing says great food like knowing the artisans who produce it; great wine like knowing the stories of the wineries; great service like a staff that trained to help you experience the joy of dining; unparallel comfort like our inviting dining room. That's Coleman Brook Tavern, located in the Jackson Gore Inn.

Willie Dunns Grille Logo

Willie Dunn's Grille

Enjoy the finest patio dining in the Okemo Valley at Willie Dunn's Grille, located at the Okemo Valley Golf Club. Willie Dunn's invites everyone to relax on the patio and enjoy our lunch menu, featuring fresh and unique salads, sandwiches, juicy half-pound burgers and our chef's daily specials.  The food is great and so is the view!

Switchback BBQ Logo

Switchback BBQ

Ludlow, Vermont, has a new outdoor-dining lunch option. Switchback BBQ is Okemo Mountain Resort’s mountain biker barbecue destination. But you don’t have to be a mountain biker to enjoy the sunny deck, expansive views or the fresh-from-the-grill goodness that is sure to make this a popular spot for hungry, fresh-air enthusiasts