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No vacation is complete without a little pampering. Come let our therapists wipe all your cares away. It doesn't get any better than a massage after a long day outside. Okay, maybe if it's followed by a long soak in the hot tub!

All our therapists were trained at fully-accredited schools. Advance reservations are recommended. We encourage gratuity when the level of service has been satisfactory.

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$110 for 50 minutes; $160 for 80 minutes
A traditional massage with varying techniques to reconnect with your body, encourage your circulation, and enjoy the feeling of bliss. At the Jackson Gore Spa, our therapists pay close attention to every individual’s needs and make every session personal and comfortable. This is a relaxing full body massage which utilizes classic Swedish techniques such as friction, effleurage, and kneading. Awaken the senses, calm the mind, and relax the body.

Deep Tissue
$120 for 50 minutes; $170 for 80 minutes
A massage designed for the therapist to isolate specific muscle groups concentrating on lengthening and loosening problem areas and releasing stress and toxins found deep in sore, aching, overused muscles. Using special techniques, the therapist targets the deeper muscle layers using friction, compression, and pressure points. Slow strokes and firm pressure are used across the grain of muscles and tendons, alleviating tightness and muscle soreness. This massage is especially helpful for tight, tired muscles after a strenuous day on the slopes, a hard workout, or other intense physical exercise.

$120 for 50 minutes; $170 for 80 minutes
A combination of Deep Tissue massage and stretching help to increase circulation and improve range of motion and flexibility. This treatment focuses on those specific muscle groups important to a peak sports performance. It is designed to help prepare you for the physical demands of intense physical exercise and extreme sports. A great way for athletes to promote optimal performance, enhance recovery, and create overall wellness.

Hot Stone Therapy
$130 for 50 minutes; $180 for 80 minutes
A relaxing treatment using heated lava stones to massage the body allowing increased circulation and decreased inflammation and muscle tension. The warmth of the stones allow the therapist’s work to penetrate more deeply using less pressure, intensely relaxing joints and muscles while you create a sense of balance and relaxation in the body and mind. Your therapist will gently target pressure points with heat, replenishing your inner energy core. You will leave this session feeling centered and whole.

$120 for 50 minutes
A Therapeutic massage that focuses on the special needs of the body as it goes through dramatic changes. This treatment can be performed side-lying to aid in the comfort of the Mother-to-be. A perfect way to honor your miracle and help relieve the physical stress of carrying your baby. Using Swedish techniques, the therapist will use long fluent strokes to promote full body relaxation, enhancing circulation, alleviating pain, and melting away unwanted muscle tension. (Must be at least 3 months pregnant.)

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Skin Treatments


Okemo Signature Facial
$110 for 50 minutes
"Skiers Delight." Enjoy an herbal remedy that is created to nourish your cells and saturate your skin with vital hydration.  This relaxing treatment will hydrate and improve the circulation of your environmentally stressed skin.  (Perfect for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors.)

Anti-Aging Facial
$110 for 50 minutes
For those looking for more than just a facial. This treatment incorporates gentle-acting alpha hydroxy acids with balancing ingredients., customized for each client to help rejuvenate, revitalize, and strengthen the skin resulting in a fresh, glowing, more youthful look.

Skin and Tonic Facial
$110 for 50 minutes
A distinctive, Vermont-made skin care line that is based on old family recipes and unique formulas. The products are 100% natural and are designed to heal, sooth, correct, and restore radiance to all skin types.  

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Body Scrubs


Seaweed Treatment
$160 for 80 minutes
Seaweed holds anti-cellulite properties and will detoxify and rejuvenate your whole body. Along with a Green Tea wrap, rich in anti-oxidants, the Seaweed Body Scrub will condition your skin with a gentle exfoliation. You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed and supple.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud
$160 for 80 minutes
Purify your body with this deep cleansing scrub. Dead Sea mud contains high concentrations of salt and minerals—the same natural minerals that your skin needs to properly hydrate and regenerate itself. Dead Sea mud has been known for soothing itchy skin, stimulating cellular metabolism, slowing the aging process, toning, and providing your skin with nourishment. This treatment deeply cleanses and purifies, allowing the skin to better absorb moisture, which will leave your whole body feeling and looking radiant.

Vermont Maple and Brown Sugar
$160 for 80 minutes
Looking for a real New England Treat? Enjoy this unique treatment while you bask in the warm aroma of sweet brown sugar and maple syrup. Rich in natural vitamins and alpha hydroxy acid, this sweet foaming scrub will exfoliate your body leaving your skin glowing. A great way to keep your skin healthy as you sit back and enjoy the scents of Vermont.

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Cancellation Policy


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Please understand that late arrivals will result in a shortened treatment and that the full value will be charged.

Reservations are charged in full when booked and are non-refundable. Any change or cancellation requested within 48 hours of the appointment date will be charged a fee of 20% of each reservation. Cancellations within 24 hours of treatment will result in a full forfeiture. Any returns will be made in the form of an Okemo Mountain Resort Voucher. All balances are good at Okemo for 1 calendar year and can be used around the resort except for culinary and lodging.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Gratuity is not included.

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