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Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster

Winter Hours

  • Closed for the season.  See you next winter!

​Please call 802-228-1600 for more information.

The Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster is Central Vermont's favorite four-season attraction, offering a scenic and exhilarating ride through alpine forests and along the contours of the mountain at Okemo's Jackson Gore. The roller coaster ride, manufactured by Wiegand, features maintenance-free stainless steel tubular rails for a smooth run down the mountain. Sled-like cars carry two passengers in comfort but can be handled easily by one alone. The riders are in control of the speed, and this gives them a unique hands-on experience, encouraging repeat visits.

Guests will load and unload the Timber Ripper in the Jackson Gore base area, near the bottom of the Coleman Brook Express lift. The ride will start with a five-minute, 1,600-foot climb followed by a 375 vertical-foot descent along 3,100 feet of track that follows the contours of the mountain with added waves, camel backs, banking loops and a "twister" section, at speeds of up to 25 mph. At optimal efficiency, the mountain coaster will accommodate nearly 500 riders per hour and operate year round in most weather conditions.

Drivers must be 8 years old and 52" or taller to operate the sled and riders must be 3 years old and 36" or taller to ride. To drive with a passenger, guests must be 16 years or older.  Maximum combined weight of both passengers cannot exceed 350 lbs.

PRICING - Winter 2018/19

  • 1 ride: $15 driver, $12 rider

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