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Mountain Biking FAQ

Evolution Bike Park

What is a bike park?
A bike park is a network of chairlift served mountain bike trails that take advantage of the natural elevation loss of the mountain. The trails are designed to ride with very little pedaling as riders flow mostly downhill. Once at the bottom, riders load their bikes on the chairlift to do it all again.

Is there an age requirement?
We recommended that riders are at least 7 years old or 48” tall when renting equipment. Younger riders can use the bike park as long as their personal bikes meet the minimum requirement of two brakes and knobby tires.

Can my children ride by themselves?
For those under 18, a parent our guardian signature is required on our liability waiver and rental forms. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

Who can use the trails?
Trails are for downhill mountain bike users only. There are no other activities allowed. Hikers can use the mountain, but must stay off the bike trails and be very cautious when crossing trails.

How difficult are the trails?
We have riding for all ability levels.
Trails are rated similarly to those in the winter.
Green = Easiest Blue = More difficult Black = Advanced

We offer several Green rated trails that can be found from the base area lift (A Quad).

Riders should have some sort of prior riding experience. Those with little to no off road riding experience should schedule an introductory clinic with one of our instructors. There are guides available to teach, refresh, update, and show you around the trails. Guiding is currently available on a limited basis.

How long are the trails
The longest of trails in the base area network are up to 1 mile in length. All base area trails total approximately 3 miles.

Our summit trail accessed from the Sun Burst 6 is 3.2 miles long.

Can I ride up the trails?
The current trail offering is only designed for downhill travel. Uphill travel on the trails is not permitted.

Can I bring my own bike?
Yes! The minimum requirements for the bike park are two working brakes, and knobby tires. We also suggest that the bikes are full suspension mountain bikes from a reputable manufacturer with disc brakes. We offer a full selection of fully capable adult and junior demo bikes from SCOTT Sports.

What should I be wearing?
In addition to the bike, a helmet and closed toed shoes are required. We also offer additional protection such as knee/shin pads, gloves, upper body protection, and full face helmets.
Athletic clothing that is neither too restrictive nor too loose should be worn along with sturdy footwear.

What if my demo equipment is damaged?
We recommend getting the optional damage insurance when renting bikes to cover any possible damage of the equipment.

Can I reserve equipment?
Demo bikes are not available for reservation, they are offered on a first come, first served basis. We have a large selection of bikes and rarely run low on inventory. Groups of 5 or more are encouraged to call 802-228-1893 ahead of time so we can make preparations.

What happens if it rains?
Bad weather is always a possibility here in New England, but we aren’t afraid of a little rain. We will be open in everything but the worst of weather. If there is any sign of thunder or lightning, we will put a brief shutdown on the lift until the weather clears up a bit.

Additional questions should be directed to the Evolution Bike Shop at the Base Lodge. They can be reached by phone at 802-228-1893.

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