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Festival Lineup

Thursday, July 12

superdiamond logo
Super Diamond is a Neil Diamond tribute band from San Francisco. Formed in 1993, the line-up consists of vocalist Randy Cordeiro (Surreal Neil), guitarist Chris Collins, bass guitarist Matt Tidmarsh, keyboardist James Terris and Rama Kolesnikow and drummer Vince Littleton. They perform the timeless classics including “Sweet Caroline,” America,” Cracklin’ Rosie,” “Cherry Cherry” and many more. Super Diamond’s success in America is unprecedented for a tribute band. With a nod from Neil (the man himself), Super Diamond has been embraced by the long time Neil Diamond fan-base and also found huge popularity in the hip rock clubs of America.

Friday, July 13

space oddity logo
Space Oddity is a live, multi-media spectacle that takes you on a musical journey through the constantly metamorphosing career of Rock and Roll’s most celebrated innovator. David Brighton and his amazing band deliver a stunning note-for note theatrical concert event… transporting today's audiences back in time through some of the most exciting moments in the history of Rock music. Experience Bowie's miraculous transformation from space-aged rock idol, to polished mainstream media star... and the timeless classics that forever changed the face of pop culture, with David Brighton's salute to the most electrifying performer of our time. "David Brighton has the voice, moves and look to actually step in for David Bowie if he was unavailable and few would ever know. Experiencing Space Oddity made for a truly remarkable evening…"

Saturday, July 14
Will be announced Monday, March 26!