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Stump Jumper Bungee Trampoline

Summer Hours

Adventure Zone Wristbands & Info

Summer 2018

It's a story that repeats itself time and time again... The clerk at the front desk hands you your key, you make your way up the elevator and down the long hallway to the door with the number that matches your key. You unlock the door and, as it swings open, your children dash past you, into the room and immediately climb onto the beds, where they start jumping with huge smiles on their faces, They giggle and squeal with delight as they bounce their way closer and closer to the ceiling. You offer the obligatory parental disapproval but you know you’d be doing the same thing if you could.

Now you can.

Okemo Mountain Resort’s Adventure Zone offers the ultimate bouncing experience this summer. Trampoline bungee jumping takes hotel-room-bed-jumping to new, extreme heights.

Four jumping stations with technologically advanced trampoline jumping surfaces combined with bungee cord tethers attached to a jump harness, allow anti-gravity thrill seekers to experience a sensation like no other. There’s no ceiling to worry about in the great outdoors and jumpers can reach heights of 20-plus feet! Safety spotters stand by to aid and assist as you fly toward the sky. 

Go ahead... giggle.


  • Single Jump: $10
  • Three Jumps: $25
  • the Stump Jumper Bungee Trampoline is also included with the Adventure Zone Wristband .


  • Minimum weight for the bungee trampoline is 30 lbs.