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Okemo Culture

Before filling out an application, we’d like to share information about our resort so you can decide if Okemo Mountain Resort is a good fit for you. We have been a recipient of the Best Places to Work in Vermont award – four years running! Our team is fun-loving, dedicated and passionate about sharing our mountain resort experience.

Our focus on the environment and our local communities gives us a sense of pride and purpose. If you share our passion for exceptional service and want to experience what is unique about Okemo Mountain Resort, explore joining our team.

Please read What We Stand For and use it as a tool in the application process. We have also included information about Job Opportunities and Professionalism/The Okemo Team Look.

Okemo has established a refined Plan of how we create “The Okemo Difference” – we call this What We Stand For. It encompasses Our Principles, Our Dream, Our Plan and Our Values. Together they define “The Okemo Difference.”

Our Principles

Our Principles are what we stand for.

INTEGRITY – We treat others with integrity – Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

SUCCESS – We foster a culture of success.

FORWARD THINKING – We dream of the future.

Our Dream

We will be Vermont’s authentic four season mountain resort where guests connect with the land and each other.

Our Plan

We move towards Our Dream by delivering “The Okemo Difference” for every internal and external guest.

Our Values

Our values give us day-to-day direction. We will not compromise these values as we create “The Okemo Difference.”

SAFETY - Our team is focused on a safe workplace.

  • Be careful – We think and act responsibly.
  • Be caring – We care about each other.

SERVICE - We strive to exceed guest expectations.

  • We are Helpful and Friendly.
  • We deliver superior, branded experiences and products.
  • We pay attention to the details – we own our work.


  • Profitability – Financial profitability ensures resort and employee sustainability.
  • Environment – As good stewards of the land, we protect our spectacular natural environment.
  • Community – As responsible citizens, we enhance and support our local communities.

TEAMWORK - It takes all employees working together to be successful.

  • We are humble – there is no “I” in Team.
  • We are equals.
  • We respond positively to change.

Job Opportunities

In some ways Okemo is like a small town. We have many departments, all doing very different kinds of work. There are full-time and part-time job opportunities in a variety of areas. If you decide you want to work at Okemo, give thought to the following questions before applying and interviewing for a position:

  • Do I enjoy being inside or outside?
  • Do I enjoy interacting with other people or do I prefer being behind the scenes?
  • Do I want to work days? Nights? Full-time? Part-time?
  • Do I have specific skills that I hope to use in my job?
  • Am I ready to be here when the guest is here?
    • This means you will need to commit to work on weekends and holidays as needed.

If you interview for a position, please be prepared to ask any questions you have related to the position or Okemo Mountain Resort. We hope you find a fit for you.

Professionalism/The Okemo Team Look

Professionalism at Okemo means being a role model for fellow staff. Such role model qualities include reliability, punctuality, and teamwork to name a few.

Professionalism includes The Okemo Team Look, which is tremendously important and encompasses both cleanliness and appearance. All employees are expected to be groomed and dressed in a neat and clean manner appropriate to their job. Some of the more important elements include: 

Uniforms & Nametags – Issued uniforms and nametags must be worn during work hours. Each department has a dress/uniform code which is extremely important for the overall look of your department.

Hair – extreme hair styles such as Mohawks, dreadlocks and unnatural colors are permitted if they can be covered by a company issued uniform hat and meet all safety, service and health requirements.

Jewelry & Tattoos – We have guidelines for size of ear gauges and plugs, and number of earrings on ears. No eyebrow, tongue, other facial or visible body piercings are permitted at work. In general, tattoos are allowed within the following guidelines: Tattoos must not contain offensive language, symbols, logos, pictures, etc. If possible, tattoos are covered by an issued uniform piece.  Neck and facial tattoos are not permitted. 

Personal Hygiene – Good personal hygiene is important in the service industry. All employees are expected to pay close attention to personal hygiene. In addition, work clothing should be regularly laundered and wrinkle free.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We hope Okemo fits your expectations. You must be willing to adhere to these standards should you be hired for a position. If so, we suggest you take the next step and fill out an application for employment