Disc Golf Courses
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The two disc golf courses at the Adventure Zone include 27 holes, nestled in and around Jackson Gore at Okemo Mountain Resort. Come on out and join our local disc golf community. Our baskets are waiting for you to rattle their chains! The Saplings and The Maples courses are open until dusk.  After normal operating hours, please purchase passes and collect rental equipment at the Spring House.

Tips from the course

  • Bug spray is highly recommended
  • Wear long pants and sturdy shoes. Discs can and do go into the woods (also known as "Out of Bounds" or "O.B.") and tall grass (also known as "the rough").
  • Team work is the best and fastest way to find lost discs! The sooner your friends find their discs, the sooner everyone can continue play!
  • To keep it straight, throw your disc as low as possible. The discs really turn left or right when they are thrown high in the air.
  • When throwing, have a friend spot where your disc lands. Use landmarks to help find the disc later. For example: "The disc landed downhill of that snowgun" or "The disc passed that tree very low to the ground before it went into the woods."

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