Okemo/Vermont Academy Park Safety Program

Okemo is committed to the safety of all guests that like to enjoy our freestyle terrain. As a user of any freestyle terrain at Okemo, you are required to know and understand some basic rules of park safety and etiquette.

Again this winter, an official Park Safety Program (PSP) Pass will be required to enter the Rockstar Superpark on Nor’easter, The Zone and the Progression Park on Blackout. It will be recommended for entry into all other parks. If you are in Nor’easter, The Zone, or the Progression Park without a pass you will be given one warning. A second time can result in loss of skiing and riding privileges.

To obtain the Okemo/Vermont Academy Park Safety Pass, you will be required to register online and take a short quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz you will be issued a certificate that you will then present to obtain your pass. Your PSP Pass will be valid for the entire season, and must be on your person while in the parks where it is required. Please note, if you do not have access to a printer, you may take the quiz on-site at the resort. Forms are available at the Northstar ticket booth.

Please note: you must enable cookies in your browser before beginning the test to avoid errors in getting your certificate.

Pass Pickups: Park Passes can be picked up at Resort Services or the Northstar Ticket Booth, during normal hours of operation.

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