Specialty Workshops

Ski School Levels
(RED) This is my first time on the mountain. I have never skied or snowboarded before.
(ORG) I have skied or snowboarded before, and I am able to slide in a straight line but am not able to turn yet.
(YEL) I am turning and stopping but still need practice. I need to work on my confidence and control.
(GRN) I am riding the chairlift and am comfortable on green terrain. I can turn and stop with confidence.
(BLU) I can ski or snowboard on blue terrain, using a variety of turn sizes. I am able to control my speed and stop when I need to.
(BLK) I am already skiing or snowboarding confidently on black terrain and am looking to explore bumps, steeps, glades and parks.

2014/15 - ages 7 & up

Ski & Snowboard Adventure Workshops

You want to focus in on your favorite thing to do on the slopes. You want personalized attention and top notch coaching while still getting the chance to ski and ride with a couple of your peers who are into the same thing. These workshops are designed for people skiing or snowboarding on any blue terrain or higher, are topic focused, and will give you all the tips and pointers to get you where you want to be. Join a small group or form your own.

  • Skiers & Snowboarders
  • Clinic Time: 1:30pm (2 hours)
  • Cost: $80
  • Maximum number of 4 participants per group
  • Skiers/Snowboarders will be broken into groups by age: 7-14 and 15 & up
  • Advance reservations are highly recommended - 802-228-1600

Cancellation Policy:
Reservations are charged in full when booked and are non-refundable. Any change or cancellation requested within 2 days of the lesson date will be charged a fee of 20% of each reservation. Cancellations on the day of will result in a full forfeiture. All balances are good at Okemo for 1 calendar year and can be used around the resort except for culinary and lodging.


  • Keep in mind that purchase of a lift ticket is necessary for all lessons requiring use of a chairlift. Also, lessons and clinics may ski/ride terrain other than those indicated in the lesson/clinic descriptions and is done at the discretion of the individual instructor.