Resort Photos

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8/29/2014: Looks like this holiday weekend is going to be fantastic! Golf Anyone?

8/27/2014: Okemo Operations workers receive a bucket of concrete at Sunburst Six's Tower #14, located on Fast Lane next to Upper Chief.

8/27/2014: The Super Puma helicopter returned to Okemo to help with pouring concrete for the new Sunburst Six lift tower footings.

8/25/2014: We're going through skiing withdrawal here.

8/25/2014: And here's the finished footing for tower No. 20 on the approach to the new summit terminal.

8/25/2014: Concrete was poured for the drive terminal today. Drive terminal!? But this is a shot taken at the summit! That's right; unlike the old Northstar Quad that had a drive terminal at the bottom, the new Sunburst Six is a top-drive lift. Pulling is way more efficient than pushing, you know.