Okemo Mountain Snowboard Team (6-18 yrs)

Groms Team

THE OMST Groms Team was introduced during the 2011/12 season. It was developed to provide coaching for young, aspiring snowboarders (ages 6-9) who would like to start competing, but who have not yet reached the level of the older kids on OMST. The Groms Team participates in the OMST training program, but will have a smaller coach to athlete ratio to provide a fun and safe learning environment for the little rippers.

Cost: 1st child $1,150; 2nd child $1,100.

Ages: 6-9 years old

Dates: December 13, 2014 - March 21, 2015

Times: Weekends and Holidays from 8 am to 1:30 pm (afternoon meeting times vary after training groups are established).

Meeting Place: In front of the Sitting Bull Restaurant

Format: Emphasis on freestyle instruction (halfpipe and slopestyle), alpine training (GS and Slalom) fundamentals and boardercross.

Snowboard Team

The Okemo Mountain Snowboard Team is for any advanced rider (ages 10-18) looking to compete and to take his/her riding ability to a higher level.  Our coaching staff will work on all disciplines with the athlete to ensure that the rider becomes well rounded and well versed on a snowboard.  Being able to ride everything confidently is the foundation that can generate personal and competitive success in snowboarding.  We promote camaraderie within a team environment and strive to enhance the lives of each and every athlete by creating the ultimate on-hill winter experience.

Cost: 1st child: $1,700; 2nd child: $1,650

Ages 10-18 years old

Dates: November 29, 2014 - March 22, 2015

Times: Weekends and Holidays from 8 am to 1:30 pm (afternoon meeting times vary after training groups are established).

Meeting Place: In front of the Sitting Bull Restaurant

Format: Heavy emphasis on freestyle instruction (halfpipe and slopestyle), alpine training (GS and Slalom) and boardercross instruction.


There will be a mandatory one-hour coach screening at the beginning of the season for each new snowboarder looking to join the OMST. This will allow our coaching staff to determine if the rider is qualified to ride with the team and to designate the group the rider will be snowboarding with.

Snowboarders looking to ride on the OMST should be able to ride comfortably down the majority of the trails on Okemo..  At this level, snowboarders should be able to be self-motivated to get out on the mountain every day, want to have fun, and want to learn how to kill it on a snowboard!

Program groups

Our entry-level category is designated for riders who can shred the entire Mountain and who are coming into their own with snowboarding. Our coaches will work with the group to develop all-mountain riding skills and to most importantly have a ton of fun.  The riders will be introduced to many different entry-level aspects of snowboarding including, but not exclusive to all-mountain riding, the terrain park, switch riding, gate training (slalom and GS) and BX.  Riders in this group will also have the opportunity to test the competitive waters by competing in local USASA and Okemo Mountain events.  Ultimately, we hope that after the rider’s first year with OMST,” he/she will develop a strong sense of on-hill independence and Mountain etiquette, coupled by a continued enthusiasm and love for the sport. Requirements: Participants must be able to ride the lift alone, put on their own equipment, ride down a variety of challenging trails at OKEMO and pass the one-hour screening

On Deck
The On Deck category is for athletes who are advanced snowboarders looking to take their riding to the competitive level. We will work intensively with each rider on all disciplines to develop the skills necessary in competing at a higher level.  With a primary focus on improving overall riding skills, athletes in this age group will improve on their switch riding, transition riding (pipe and jumps), “jibbing” (boxes and rails), all-mountain riding, and gate training (slalom and GS).  This age group will also have the opportunity to compete in USASA events in the Southern Vermont series.  Competing at USASA nationals at Copper Mountain is also a possibility.

The AM group is our group of the most advanced riders on the team who have years of competition and park riding under their belt. The Am program is predominately geared towards park and pipe riding with BX and Gate training included as well.  We will work with each rider to hone in on advanced and technical freestyle tricks in the park and pipe, in addition to a developing a more tactful approach to competitions and everyday riding.  Video analysis will also be used as a tool to help the Am rider visually comprehend his/her riding. We strongly encourage all the athletes in this age group to compete in the local USASA competition series in addition to competing in other local amateur events.  Competing at USASA Nationals is a possibility.