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Competition Programs


Okemo Mountain's Competition Programs are designed with the long-term development of young athletes in mind. We constantly explore new ways of creating excitement. Our goal is to help competitors become the best that they can be. Whether the recreational competition path is chosen or the path to national championships, we strive to instill healthy competitive drive and the love of a lifetime sport. All competitors and participants must be a member of OMARA. Applications must include initial OMARA dues.

Racing Programs

Freestyle Programs


For an application to register your child in one of our Okemo Competition Programs, please send us an email at or call the Okemo Competition Center at 802-228-1483. 


  • Travel is not mandatory for any group, however, training at Okemo may not be available on competition days.
  • In our programs that require travel, Okemo Mountain is not responsible for travel arrangements.
  • Equipment in the Training Center must be stored in lockers.  Lockers are not provided for all participants and must be signed up for with the race secretary.
  • 2-day programs run every Saturday and Sunday; 3-day programs run every Friday through Sunday. Training will be scheduled during the following vacation dates: December 26-31, 2014 and February 16-20, 2015.
  • Helmets are required by the United States Ski Association
    (USSA) and the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) for all participants.
  • Helmets are required at all times for OMST and OMST
    Groms teams.


Applicants must be able to master the majority of mountain terrain and ride all lifts. All new applicants must be screened before acceptance. This is to insure the readiness of the athlete and the proper program placement. Screenings are conducted the first two weekends in December. Appointments may be made through the Okemo Competition Center.


Work one-on-one with an Okemo Racing Pro and you'll find one of the fastest ways to take your ability to a higher level. From Racing to Freestyle to Snowboarding, our competition staff can help you advance. Private lessons are available for $100-115 per hour and can be booked through the Okemo Competition Center at 802-228-1483.


For Okemo Competition Center athletes who are looking to access more training and take their athletic performance to the next level, we encourage you to explore the options at Okemo Mountain School (OMS).  OMS is a winter term ski and snowboard academy dedicated to delivering a rigorous academic curriculum while providing an intense on-snow training schedule that would not be possible within a traditional school setting.  Our mission is to challenge and support motivated student-athletes to grow into successful individuals.  At OMS, student-athletes are given the opportunity to realize their athletic goals without compromising their academic goals.

The Okemo Mountain School community is close-knit and caring.  We value each of our community member’s aspirations and goals and always encourage the achievement of personal bests in all pursuits.  Leading by example, our faculty and staff teach respect for oneself, others, and one’s surroundings. We believe that our student-athletes leave OMS better prepared for their future with a strong sense of independence and outstanding skills in time management.

Most of all, we are passionate about what we do here at OMS.  Our student-athletes love to learn, train, and compete; our faculty and staff love to teach, coach, and inspire.  We invite you to call, email or visit OMS and learn more about the opportunities here!

Head of School: Mariel Meringolo
Phone: 802-228-1513