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Haulback Challenge Course

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Summer 2016

NOTE: The Haulback Challenge Course will be closed Monday, August 29 - Wednesday, August 31. 

The Haulback Challenge Course, features three different courses full of adventure and varying levels of difficulty.

Guests will start their trek with a 350 ft walk along a typical Vermont wooded trail to the beginning of the course. The course is made up of 25 elements that challenge balance and strength. Along this aerial journey from one tree to another you will encounter a variety of challenges such as the Seesaw, Barrel Crawl, Burma Bridge, Big Foot Platform, Indiana Jones Bridge and more! This is a self directed course where the participant will hook up to a SafeRoller and maneuver along a continuous belay system through trees and over streams. 

Guests must be 6 years of age or older and between 50 and 250lbs to safely participate on the challenge course.


  • Four loops: $40
  • Two loops: $30;  Two additional loops, #s 3 and 4:  $30 (must show original tickets)
  • Early-Bird Tickets, 9:30am-10:15am: $35
    Early-Bird reservations are required Monday-Thursday. 802-228-1600 ( hours )
  • For lodging discounts, please call 802-228-1600.
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